There might be something in this

panoramic lichfield
When I decided to start this blog I worried that I would just end up shouting to myself in an empty room. In the last few days I have had an invitation to go out with the Sustrans Lichfield Rangers to observe their efforts to maintain and improve National Cycle Network route 54. Then an invitation to attend the Big Green Fair at the Guildhall in Lichfield next Saturday to talk to others about this project. Plus there is the Cycle Rides for All to Whittington next weekend, making a busy first week.
I guess some are waiting to see how this page turns out. When I start posting properly on Wednesday I hope you feel that you can make a contribution to building a better cycling culture for us all in Lichfield. By helping to build it we will be helping ourselves. I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts on how we are going to do it.


If you’ve locked your bike up in Lichfield and return to find one, thanks for making the effort to find these pages. Sorry, there isn’t a prize or anything. When I thought about posting online I realised not everybody does the internet. A friend I cycle with doesn’t use a computer or a smart phone and to be honest he’s one of the most interesting people to speak to. So I want to make the most of social media but use these pages alongside face to face (or better still, wheel to wheel) conversation.
Bikes rather than Facebook likes.