I (nearly) shot the Sheriff

Today in warming sunshine a group of us took part in the first Alternative Sheriff’s Ride. Not the first Sheriff’s bike ride though, as one participant told me he still had certificates from taking part in rides in the early eighties when a cycle event was organised to compliment the horse led event.

P1150031 (800x627)

Nine or so miles on a route that weaved around streets in the north, south, east and west of the city. We left Cross in Hand Lane heading up Beacon Street. Just before our planned turn into Beacon Park by Greenhough Road we came upon the horse ride. If I had been quicker I would have got a shot of the Sheriff at the front of the ride in his regalia, but couldn’t get my camera out quickly enough.

P1150032 (800x600)

Next time maybe we will wait for the ride to pass us before departing for our ride as it was a fine sight to see so many horses cantering down Beacon Street. Tea and cakes were taken part way round and most of us finished up back at Cross in Hand Lane. Thank you for all those who took part or came along to show support. Let’s do it again next year, the nearest Saturday to 8th September 2014 and make it a tradition to remember once more.


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