Mustn’t grumble at cycle jumble biker mumbles

IMG_1309 (1024x768)

Cycle culture landed in Lichfield big style today with Martin Cartwright’s cycle jumble at Martin Heath Hall. A lot of people have said some very nice things about the event. When the numbers are crunched I hope it was a successful day for the stall holders and perhaps we will see it back again later this year or next.

IMG_1312 (1024x593)

Nice to bump into a few familiar faces. Donna Norford said hello though I missed Brownhills’The Last Word’Bob even though he managed to take a photo of both me and my bike for his blog. Ian Covey of the Vickers Biycle Company was a good sport for bringing along his beautiful roadster (assembled in Lichfield) for the masses to gawp at.

IMG_1313 (765x1024)

We managed to thrash out an agreement for Vickers to be principal sponsors of the Lichfield Tweed Run and Picnic coming later in the year. More details as they are made up. Tally ho.

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