To Burntwood – uphill on the way, downhill the way back

I needed to go to Cannock this morning so cycled up Abnalls Lane again. It’s getting slippery and slimy under wheel at the moment and some people early this morning were driving like carsholes. As one car sped past, I heard a long skid and waited for a crunch that didn’t come, turning to see two motors stationary nose to nose. To try and discourage people from rat running down here it is hoped to get the gates fixed to make them lockable again. So that cyclists can pass without having to open them, Staffordshire County Council need to clear the overgrown paths around the gateposts at either end, shown in the photos below.  Report number 4001494 I believe, if any good citizens of Staffordshire fancy chasing it up as well.

IMG_8824 (1024x768)

IMG_8825 (1024x768)

Team Rickshaw in town

IMG_8819 (1024x732)

With a bit of free time and a website tracking their progress, I was able to nip out and catch the @teamrickshaw as they cycled through Lichfield at lunchtime raising money for Children in Need. Matthew was doing this leg and there was a good few people out on the route cheering him on. I scooted ahead and got another picture on Upper St John Street. Besides the fundraising, what seems important is the potentially life changing experiences people get from doing things like this. Well done to them all.

IMG_8821 (1024x654)