A Major triumph

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When I started this here blog thing a couple of years ago, one of the first events I was invited along to was the 8th annual Major Nichols memorial ride. I couldn’t make last years meet up but since then I have helped set up and run the Major Nichols website, an attempt to record and celebrate the life and work of the man who made around 3000 bike frames from his shop in West Bromwich and those who have rode them over the years. The known record of survivors is just over 100 frames with maybe as many more out there in sheds, garages or regular use but not known about. Hopefully having a website and a presence in search results will help find and document a few more, as well as the stories of those who rode them before they are lost. I have become a custodian of an MN myself, this was raced by Andy Hayes for Crown Cycles. I am not used to drop bars, toe clips or even gears but I will get there. There were over 20 MN’s on this years ride, a bumper turnout. More photos and a write up will appear on the Major Nichols website later in the week.


3 thoughts on “A Major triumph

  1. Wish I could have been there. Perhaps next year.
    Your work on the MN blog is great. Much appreciated, James.
    Hey, I didn’t need a caption to recognise your MP in an earlier post, although I was unaware of his constituency at the time! He’s quite unique.

  2. James

    Great to see my old bike back in use and looking good. I see you managed to free the seat pin! Would look even better with the large flange Campags/Fiamme wheels.


    • Cheers David. The seatpost was a nightmare to remove, nothing worked – heat, pressure soaking in cola/plusgas/sawing. Wanted to save finish if possible. Caustic soda job took 2.5 days and finally worked. Replaced the Laprade seat post with like for like and now saving for tubulars.

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