Lichfield Re:Cycle

Lichfield ReCycle 2015 04 facebbok banner

The volunteer run project based in Lichfield aims to help people become more confident about maintaining and repairing their bikes and provides used bikes on free long term loan for those who otherwise might not be able to afford to buy one. Skill sharing is a way of showing others how to do something so that they can do small repairs and adjustments to their own bikes, hopefully then being able to show their friends and family how to do it too. We receive donations of used bikes and our volunteers work to repair and service them ready for use again. We try to find the right home for the right bike. If you would like to volunteer your time, are looking for a bike or want to donate something to the project please get in touch.

Lichfield Re:Cycle website

You can find them on Facebook here

Links below to blog posts charting the development of the project from the Lichwheeld website. Current blog posts can be found on the blog page on the Lichfield Re:Cycle website:

28/7/15 Building a library in Lichfield – one bike at a time

30/6/15 Lichfield Recycler

8/6/15 Lichfield Re:Cycle – recharging the batteries

31/5/15 Half term long term loan

26/5/15 Lichfield Re:Cycle – next size up

21/5/15 Re:Cycle revival

14/5/15 Talent Matched

3/5/15 A well balanced meeting

22/4/15 Growing with Lichfield Re:Cycle

9/4/15 One bike at a time

1/4/15 Scouting for bikes

21/3/15 Spare part of the jigsaw

5/3/15 Clean Sweep

26/2/15 LR trustees were the originals

15/2/15 Re:Cycling again – stand and deliver

28/1/15 Lichfield Re:Cycle – back on the road

11/8/14 Craft, graft, not so daft

13/7/14 North Lichfield Bike Train

18/5/14 Re:Cycle on Tour

16/5/14 Lichfield Re:Cycle to Whittington

14/4/14 Well balanced

12/4/14 Re:Cycle – a busy day

29/3/14 Lichfield Re:Cycle – lets do it again

28/3/14 Lichfield Re:Cycle > first event Saturday 29th March

2/3/14 Re:Cycle – broken brakes

22/2/14 Re:Cycle – Half term but still learning

7/2/14 Re:Cycling in action

27/1/14 Lichfield Re:Cycle – more than just maintenance

6/1/14 Re:Cycle all the way to Brownhills

22/12/13 All I want for Christmas

19/11/13 Re-cycle: reclaim, reuse and share skills

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