More details on Major Nichols and photos from the 10th ride in 2015 can be found on the MN website.

9th Major Nichols Memorial Ride, 11th May 2014 – Chaddersley Corbett, Worcestershire

By Fionntra


Prize of place went to Emily whose immaculate MN was finished in her favourite colours: Mallard (the record holding steam locomotive) blue, champagne, her favourite drink and chocolate the favourite food. The frame was her wedding present from her husband, who had it refinished and fitted it out with top quality parts, beautiful! She says it is wonderful and now her husband is looking for one too.


Second was don’t give your bike to your son if he goes to college. It may return with a bad attempt at a shortened wheelbase. Fortunately repairable we think.


Thirdly, another gem made by Major for Wilsons of Birmingham and Sheffield in original finish in his Italia design with chrome. One of about 30 made for them of which only 2 are known to survive.

The weather held out and we had lunch at the local garden centre at Chaddesley Corbett. We chatted away there for a couple of hours. Thanks Alvin for organising an excellent and sociable event for us enthusiasts.






photo 5


photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

8th Major Nichols Memorial Ride, 11th May 2013 – Chaddersley Corbett, Worcestershire

Here are the photos I took on the day. Apologies if I have missed or poorly framed any shots of the bikes, i’m not an expert! If anybody would like full size copies of any file please get in touch or feel free to copy and save any below. Thanks for having me along.

P1100528 (546x800)

P1100397 (800x526)

P1100398 (800x510)

P1100436 (800x442)

P1100438 (800x600)

P1100399 (800x600)

P1100400 (800x538)

P1100401 (800x600)

P1100402 (800x600)

P1100403 (800x480)

P1100405 (800x547)

P1100409 (800x583)

P1100410 (800x430)

P1100412 (800x497)

P1100413 (800x598)

P1100415 (800x600)

P1100419 (800x600)

P1100420 (800x600)

P1100422 (800x520)

P1100423 (551x800)

P1100424 (633x800)

P1100426 (392x800)

P1100425 (573x800)

P1100427 (440x800)

P1100428 (392x800)

P1100431 (800x766)

P1100432 (752x800)

P1100445 (800x640)

P1100446 (509x800)

P1100447 (800x675)

P1100448 (800x600)

P1100454 (600x800)

P1100455 (800x600)

P1100456 (600x800)

P1100457 (472x800)

P1100463 (800x765)

P1100466 (486x800)

P1100469 (446x800)

P1100473 (800x600)

P1100478 (800x600)

P1100489 (800x600)

P1100496 (800x600)

P1100498 (600x800)

P1100499 (800x600)

P1100500 (800x600)

P1100503 (800x600)

P1100505 (600x800)

P1100506 (800x600)

P1100507 (800x600)

P1100508 (800x639)

P1100509 (800x600)

P1100512 (800x589)

P1100514 (800x748)

P1100519 (800x696)

P1100522 (800x590)

P1100523 (800x603)

P1100526 (561x800)

5 thoughts on “VCC – MNMR

  1. I enjoyed the day and your photos are a great record of a gathering and celebration
    many of our youths as well as Major.

    • I notice the Major Nichols T Shirt/ sweat shirt, is this a `one off` or are there some out there to purchase?

      • Alvin Smith organises the tee-shirts and other MN merchandise. I am going to order a couple – they are really nice. This forum might be able to put you in touch with Alvin if you don;t have his contact details.

  2. Many thanks to all at the 2014 MN ride for making myself and Emily very welcome on our first ride with you.
    It was a great day out and we look forward to next years ride, hopefully with a MN bike each

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